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Do you consider “neuromuscular dentistry” a bad word, but you’re not exactly sure why? The truth of the matter is that neuromuscular principles, e.g. a comfortable bite, can help you deliver longer-lasting results and contribute to happier, healthier patients. After all, who wants to live with headaches, bruxism, and chronic tooth wear?

The Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics understands that dentists are sometimes hesitant about all the neuromuscular bruhaha. At their upcoming conference “ACE Bite Camp,” they’ll dispel common myths about neuromuscular dentistry, explain the theories and principles, and most importantly, show how you can market TMD treatment to your patients in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Conference goals include:

Delivering a new set of clinical skills for the successful treatment of TMD
Teaching a whole-office approach to treating TMD patients
Providing successful methods for TMD case acceptance
Showing dentists how to market and explain TMD to new patients

ACE Bite Camp will take place August 19th & 20th at the SuperMedia Center in Dallas, TX.

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Upgrade your dental supplies courtesy of top-notch online suppliers
Dental practices can benefit highly by choosing to purchase their dental lab equipment and accessories from reputable suppliers including Dental practices, whether large or small, can thus save time, money and energy as they can order for these supplies online at extremely affordable prices, and they will only have to wait for a very short time before these purchases are shipped over. Further, some of these suppliers offer free shipping to various countries around the world and thus it will be of great benefit to take advantage of this form of customer service.
The assortment of dental equipment that is displayed online consists of dental handpieces, dental scalars, dental curing lights, endodontic equipment, apex locators, pulp testers and dental chairs. If your dental practice is missing some of these essential products or it needs to replace one or more of these then it is time to stock up on them.
One of the dental handpieces that is featured here is the MUW Dental Handpiece High Speed Wrench. This product that actually consists of two high-speed wrench-type dental handpieces has a low speed, contra-angle and high torque. In addition, this dental handpiece can be sterilized under high temperature and pressure below 135C.
Available on the website is the Derma Dental High Speed Fiber Optic Handpiece, a specialized dental handpiece that can be used for stomatology treatments. This great piece of dental apparatus features a push button that enables an easy changing of the needle type. It is also fiber optic-illuminated and which will please many patients as they watch their dentists operate on them using modern equipment.
At this online store one can also find durable dental diamond dental handpiece burs. These come in 60 different shapes, plus they feature high speed friction grip burs. The various shapes available here include round burs, pear-shape burs, straight or flat-end burs, and taper, wheel and inverted cone burs.
From oral surgery to orthodontics, has all the required dental lab supplies that will help any dental practice to set high standards and thus be several cuts above the rest. Lots of discounts are made available as well and as such this website makes for an inexpensive place to purchase equipment. This online shop is dedicated to assisting its customers select the right set of dental handpieces and other supplies without any hassles. Further, ordering online is extremely convenient for customers given that it can be done anywhere provided that a computer with internet connection is available. Unnecessary paperwork is therefore avoided.

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